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Asylum, Human Rights or Exceptional Circumstances

The United Kingdom has a long history of offering protection to vulnerable individuals. This can include but is not limited to individuals from war-torn countries, unaccompanied minors, individuals who have overstayed in the country but have children.

To stay in the United Kingdom as a refugee you must be unable to live safely in any part of your own country because you fear persecution because of:

  • - your race

  • - your religion

  • - your nationality

  • - your political opinion

  • - anything else that puts you at risk because of the social, cultural, religious or political situation in your country, for example, your gender, gender identity or sexual orientation

This is not the only branch under which individuals can apply to remain in the United Kingdom. If you have a child, are in a relationship with another and there are obstacles to you returning to your country then you could apply under the:

  • - Parent Route or

  • - Partner Route

Alternatively, if you suffer from an exceptionally serious health condition then you could also be allowed to remain in the United Kingdom.

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