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Immigration Solicitors Birmingham

Our solicitors have over 10 years’ experience in this area of law. We are confident in the level of service we provide which is why we have taken steps to publish our fees.


Punam Deepak – Solicitor


Punam qualified as a solicitor in 2005 and has worked full time in the immigration and asylum field ever since. She has a wide ranging caseload which consists of immigration and asylum, deportation and bail applications.


She has successfully led immigration departments in two prominent law firms before setting up D&A Solicitors (formerly Calthorpe Solicitors) in June 2007 with a team of carefully selected solicitors who in their own rights have unmatched skills and expertise.


Sachan Gautam – Solicitor and accredited Level 2 Senior Caseworker in Immigration and Asylum


Sachan qualified as a solicitor in 2012 having trained with us since September 2009. He is also an accredited Level 2 Senior Caseworker in Immigration and Asylum. He undertakes a wide range of cases which include immigration, business/ points based migration, asylum, divorce and child contact. Sachan has also acquired sound experience in representing clients in immigration detention including deportation cases.


Amarpreet Hullait – Solicitor


Amarpreet joined us in September 2010 and qualified as a solicitor in 2014. Her client manner and attention to detail is of a very sound quality. She is skilled at submitting successful in country and entry clearance applications. She regularly prepares immigration appeals including judicial review applications.

(Fees for Immigration, Asylum and Nationality)


Family applications for entry clearance (out-of-country) and leave to remain (in-country)


There are many types of family and settlement applications made from outside and inside of the United Kingdom. These can include, but are not limited to:


  1. Partner/ spouse categories

  2. Child categories

  3. Adult dependent categories

  4. Dependants of European nationals


For these types of immigration applications, we offer a comprehensive service by advising you what requirements you must satisfy and the supporting documents you must produce. We also check your documents, advise you in respect of any issues before proceeding with the application and how to resolve them. Finally, we will assist in the preparation and submission of the application, preparation of the application bundle and arrangement of any visa appointment. Our fees to provide such a service start at £800.00 plus VAT and will vary depending on the type of application being made along with the background to your case.


Nationality applications


British nationality is a very complex area of law in which there are varying categories a person may apply under. As well as providing you with our comprehensive legal service mentioned above we will guide you through the nationality procedure.


Our legal fees in nationality applications start from £400.00 plus VAT and can go up to £600.00 plus VAT , depending on the complexities involved.


If a nationality application is rejected by the Home Office then you may have a right to request a formal reconsideration by the Home Office. Our knowledge of nationality law will ensure that any such reconsideration is made in the strongest possible light and our fee to prepare and submit a reconsideration starts from £300.00 plus VAT.


Travel Documents


If you are unable to obtain a passport from your national authorities then you may apply for a Home Office Travel Document, allowing you to travel in and out of the United Kingdom. We charge a fixed fee of £400.00 plus VAT to assist you in preparing and submitting a Travel Document application.


Residence Permit replacement or renewal


Many individuals have visas which are endorsed on an “immigration status document”, prior to Residence Permits being introduced by the Home Office. In other cases, you may misplace your Residence Permit or immigration status document. We are able to assist you in replacing the old style immigration status document or obtain a new Residence Permit where yours has been misplaced. We charged a fixed fee of £400.00 plus VAT to assist in preparing and submitting such applications.


Points-based system applications


Points-based system applications come in various categories. These include student, entrepreneur, investor and work visas. Our legal fees in such cases start from £800.00 plus VAT but do vary depending on the category in which you seek to apply.


Due to the complex nature of such application we would ask that you call our offices and speak with a solicitor in order to obtain an accurate fee quotation.


Immigration appeals and administrative review


Immigration applications can be refused if the paperwork has not been prepared properly, the applicant fails to satisfy the strict immigration criteria or documents/ information is omitted from the application. In many you are able to challenge the refusal decision by way of an appeal or administrative review, depending on which category you have applied in. There are varying costs involved in such cases and these are detailed below:


  1. To prepare legal grounds of appeal, complete appeal application and lodge at the First-tier Tribunal: £500 plus VAT

  2. To take detailed instructions, prepare relevant witness statements, arrange a barrister, brief the barrister fully about the case, prepare appeal hearing bundles and correspond with the barrister, Home Office and First-tier Tribunal: starting from £900.00 plus VAT

  3. To prepare legal grounds for an administrative review, complete administrative review form and submit this to the Home Office: starting from £600.00 plus VAT


Immigration bail


In cases when a person has been detained by the Home Office he/ she will need expert help in trying to secure release. Being detained can be a very stressful situation to be in and we are always at hand to speak to clients who are detained to regularly update them about their case and provide them with sound advice. Our approach ensures that the client’s mind is put at ease knowing that their legal representative is dealing with their case in the strongest possible way.


When requesting release on immigration bail there is a procedure that must be followed which is detailed below along with the likely costs:


  1. To advise as to what supporting documents are required, prepare legal representation in support of a bail request and submit the request to a Chief Immigration Officer: starting from £600.00 plus VAT

  2. If bail is denied by a Chief Immigration Officer then a formal application must be made to a Tribunal. We assist in preparing formal grounds for bail, completing the bail application and filing the paperwork at the Tribunal. Our fees to offer this service start from £600.00 plus VAT

  3. Once the bail application is filed with the Tribunal the matter is listed for a bail hearing. Prior to this hearing we prepare a bundle of supporting papers, which includes relevant witness statements for any family members and file this with the Tribunal and Home Office. Our fees to offer this service start from £300.00 plus VAT


*the above fees exclude expenses/ disbursements such as Home Office application fees, barrister’s advocacy fees and so on.


**in some cases there will be costs that could not be anticipated from the outset of a case. In such cases we would always advise you about the relevant costs before you incur it.

Business startup


If you want to set up or run a business in the UK you might be able to apply for an innovator or start up visa

Deportation or

Removal Bail

If you have committed a serious offence in the United Kingdom then there is  a chance

Sponsors, Workers

& Students

We can assist businesses or education institutions to register with the Home Office

Appeals, Judicial Reviews or Administrative Reviews

Where an application has been refused you may either have a right to appeal against it

Marriage or other relationship visas

As with most visa applications there are specified rules, guidelines and documents

Settlement &

British Citizenship

You can obtain settled status in the United Kingdom through various routes. 

Asylum, Human Rights or Exceptional circumstances

The United Kingdom has a long history of offering protection to vulnerable individuals



On 23 June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union

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