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Deportation or Removal - Bail

If you have committed a serious offence in the United Kingdom then there is a chance that the Secretary of State can issue a Deportation Order against you. If you have permission to remain in the United Kingdom that can be cancelled if a Deportation Order is issued. You can also be detained pending deportation from the United Kingdom.

Removal from the United Kingdom can occur if you have breached immigration laws, for example by remaining in the United Kingdom illegally. You can also be detained pending removal from the United Kingdom.

In cases involving the above, time is of the essence especially if a date for deportation or removal has been set. We have an in-depth knowledge of the laws concerning deportation and removal and can help by liaising with the Home Office with a view of securing your release.

We can also deal with immigration bail applications at the Tribunal, which involve having an Immigration Judge consider a particular case with a view of securing a person’s release from detention. We can apply for bail from the Secretary of State in the first instance and also apply to the First Tier Tribunal which involves an Immigration Judge.

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