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Would you encourage your Daughter to be an Engineer?

Last year was a landmark year for the UK legal industry, when evidence was released that the number of working female solicitors in England and Wales exceeded men for the first time – albeit my 0.1 of a percent!

The Law Society’ Annual Statistics Report for 2017 showed 50.1% of practicing lawyers are now women – which is good news as it reflects more equally the make-up of the population and indeed our customers.

But what about female engineers? The Women’s Engineering Society’s latest figures show that just 11% of the engineering workforce is female and the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professions in Europe.

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to hear Dr Laura Leslie, a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Design at Aston University. Her passion is to make ‘engineering education fun hands on and engaging.’ She enlightened us about gender diversity and inclusion of women in the field of engineering.

As part of her talk, she spoke about the Women’s Engineering Society a charity and professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologist and the work that they do to support young females into engineering as well as women returners.

She spoke about what it is that discourages women from opting to become engineers and how academics like her are trying to change the perception that engineering may not be for women.

We must say that we was oblivious to the fact that there is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering! But what a good idea, women and men have different strengths and qualities and whether it be law, medicine or engineering, we need to celebrate, encourage and support our daughters to break down any barriers or stereo typing so they can achieve whatever they want at the career they choose.

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